About La Tejana

Mexican Market

About La Tejana

Founded by Elma and Libby, two sisters originally from Texas, La Tejana Mexican Market serves as an authentic Mexican restaurant and market located in the heart of Bismarck, ND. Our goal was to create a true Mexican refuge for the local Latin community by providing access to authentic Mexican ingredients, food and atmosphere.

Since the availability of authentic Mexican ingredients in Bismarck was scarce at chain grocery stores, we wanted to provide the community with access to these ingredients - and spectacular food made with them! Should you find yourself needing a specific spice or product, contact us and we will do our very best to locate it for you.

We also offer access to telephone minute recharging stations, and Sigue and Ria wire-transfers, so that you can stay connected with family not currently living in the United States.

Contact us if you are having difficulty finding ingredients.