La Tejana Mexican Market

Adding Some Texas to Bismarck, ND

La Tejana Mexican Market, founded by sisters Elma Rodriguez and Libby Vargas, was created to be a cultural center for the Latin community of Bismarck, ND. As native Texans, Elma and Libby found that certain ingredients and Latin cuisines were scarce after their move, prompting them to establish a combination restaurant and market to fulfill their needs, as well as the needs of the community around them. La Tejana Mexican Market serves as a way for the Latin community of Bismarck to stay connected to their culture.

The Restaurant

Homemade Tamales and Much More

With daily specials and authentic Latin ingredients, the restaurant at La Tejana will bring all the spice and tastiness of home to your table. Made with ingredients that are available for purchase in the adjoining market, their homemade meals are nothing short of delicious and full of flavor. They make their own homemade tamales fresh every Tuesday. We serve buffet on Saturday from 11am to 2pm!

The Market

Bring the Spice Home

Having trouble locating that specific spice your grandmother used in her traditional tamales? Getting tired of the limited shelves at big chain grocery stores? La Tejana understands that traditional cooking can make all the difference, whether you are away from home or just looking for an authentic taste that you can make at home. The market at La Tejana prides itself on carrying hard-to-find Latin ingredients and foods that you would otherwise go without. Aiming to provide exceptional service, we will even aid you in your search if we don't carry the ingredient you're looking for already.

Staying Connected

Ria and Intermex

In addition to good food and convenient market items, La Tejana also provides communication services for those in the community who have loved ones living abroad. With Ria and Intermex services, community members can send funds to family members living in Mexico and other countries. They also offer phone card recharging, to keep you connected with those not in the United States.